Special Learning Disability (SLD)


(Source http://www.trainthebrain.co.nz/info/specific-learning-disabilities/)

Sometimes kids don’t learn as fast as parents thought they should, or they keep muddling up things like direction, numbers, letter, or perhaps they easily forget words or sounds.  Often, tutors hear from parents “What is wrong with my child?  Can I help?”  The answer is more complex.  If a student has an SLD (Special Learning Disability), it may show up in various ways:  issues with direction (e.g. left, right; up down, underneath, beside), sequencing (e.g. the order in which letters occur in a word, or the steps in a maths problem), short-term memory retention and inefficient working memory as well as a drastic discrepancy between intellectual ability and academic achievement which can result in severe under-achievement.

Although it is a permanent condition, child specific intervention (e.g. tutoring where the learning program is tailor made to address the learning needs of the child) can support the child to manage and often overcome their disability. Because of the plasticity of the brain, remedial teaching is able to “re-wire” the brain. This involves time, correct intervention and hard work.

Please go to this page if you want to read more about this topic: http://www.trainthebrain.co.nz/info/specific-learning-disabilities/


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